Saturday, February 20, 2016

All About Me

Hello! My name's Ashlin and welcome to my blog, Fashion First & Foremost, where I post about current or upcoming styles and my own adventures in the fashion world. Although I am merely a ninth grade clothing and fashion student, I have a lot to say and even more to learn. Hopefully, we can do so together! I love designing clothing and most of my inspiration comes from music and movies or games. I also like passing my time fooling around with different kinds of makeup and hair styles. And I actually adore Japanese/Korean fashion!!! It's super cute and over the top, what more could a girl ask for? Many of the dresses and other fun things I design are inspired by Harajuku street fashion. So if you like that sort of thing, we already have one thing in common! Please enjoy all I have to say and I'll see you all later! :)

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  1. HI Ashlin,
    I enjoyed reading your All about Me blog and look forward to your upcoming topics of interest.
    mrs. L