Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Aesthetic

Hey, everyone! It's Ashlin and to celebrate the oncoming of spring (thank everything that's holy) I'm going to be presenting my spring color palette and clothing choice. So, my style usually changes with the seasons. As much as I love sweatpants and hoodies as well as the all around laziness and horrific amounts of snow, by the end of February I am so ready for the hot weather summer is famous for. But first, we have to go through spring. Up here in New England we have a saying 'If you don't like the weather in New England, wait 5 seconds.' And it's true, it can be in the 50's all weekend and then you can get 3 inches of snow on Monday. That's why you need to learn to dress in layers or in shirts that won't kill you if it's too warm but you won't freeze if it's too cold. And along with spring outfits comes spring colors! How could you forget those?

Spring Color Palette:
2.) Image result for aqua turquoise blue
Aren't these amazing together? This is essentially what colors decorate my wardrobe during these months where the weather can't decide what it wants to be. My number one is a gorgeous green that I just can't stop thinking about. It goes wonderfully with any kind of silver, I recommend  eye makeup with a green base with some silvery sparkles for a shiny look.
 Like this! Green and silver sparkles are the best.
My outfit today features 3 of my selected colors. The turquoise blue along with the tan and navy blue. I love these colors in an outfit because of how beautifully the tan looks with the blue. That tan ties all colors together so these shoes have their fair share of wear and tear, believe me!
 (Got these pretty babies at Khol's!)
Because the weather is getting warmer, on days that won't give me hypothermia, I really love wearing my enormous collection of t-shirts! And because I'm such a dork, I have my favorite which is a Deadpool short sleeve shirt. This features a red such as my number 5 color. This color is of course a little brighter than Deadpool's suit but I love reds either way.
 (Bought it at Hot Topic and it is my all time favorite shirt ever!!!)
As for pants, let's be honest, jeans are the best thing since sliced bread. My best is a ripped pair I got from Express. I'm only 4'11'' so finding specifically jeans (never mind everyday pants) that actually fit is excruciatingly painful. These jeans fit really well! They hug my curves and they aren't too long; they cut off right at the ankle!
I don't think I could express my love for these sweatpants enough. While I was at a cheerleading competition, I decided I'd swing by Hot Topic because there was a mall attached to the place we were competing. And I found these. They are by far the most comfortable pair of pants I own. They are a beautiful creation. I also love the show Supernatural so that's where the theme comes from. (I'm trash, I know.)

So, that about wraps up my spring closet and aesthetic! I hope you enjoy my findings as much as I do. I'll see you guys all next time!